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Screen Printing

An Introduction to Screen Printing

Screen printing has been around for a long time. A primitive version existed in China as far back as 1000 AD. The basic process involves a stencil or screen that’s used to apply ink to a surface. In modern times, printing is done with a machine that speeds it up and allows for large volumes of items to be printed in a short time. Multiple screens are often used to include more colors in the design.

Many products today are printed using digital printing, also called direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, which is a different process. Rather than using screens, a computer program processes the design prints it directly onto the material. There are advantages to both screen and digital printing, depending on your design and material.

Uses For Screen Printing?

You can print all kinds of products that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some options include:

1. T-shirts

2. Sweatshirts

3. Polo Shirts

4. Face Masks

5. Hats and Caps

6. Bandanas

7. Mugs

8. Jackets

9. Bags —Backpacks, messenger bags, athletic bags, etc.

10. Stationery

11. Water Bottles

12. Magnets

These and other products can be used for promotional purposes and to build familiarity with your brand.

Advantages of Screen Printing

There are quite a few benefits to this traditional type of printing compared to other methods.

1. Speed. Screen printers are fast compared to DTG printers. If you want to create a large number of t-shirts or other items quickly, this is a good choice.

2. Simplicity. To print using DTG requires pretreating the garment for best results, especially when using darker colors. Screen printers can be used without any complicated setup.

3. Durability. Screen-printed garments can last for a very long time without the designs fading with use and washing.

4. Versatility. You can create screen-printed garments of all kinds. Stencils can be applied not only to t-shirts but also to hats, bags, and lots of other items. Other processes such as DTG are more limited.

5. Vibrant designs. Traditional printing with screens still produces more eye-catching designs, as it uses a type of ink that creates vibrant designs in many colors. The water-based inks used in digital printing are a bit duller.

6. Economical for large orders. A screen printer can quickly print large orders of screen-printed shirts or other products reasonably compared to other options.

When Should You Consider Alternative Methods?

You have quite a few choices for creating promotional products. In addition to screen printing, there is DTG printing, laser etching, embroidery, and other methods. The following are some instances when you might want to consider DTG, laser etching, or another alternative to screen printing.

1. Very detailed designs. If your design is complex or contains many colors, a digital printer is better at capturing details. DTG is also good for photographs.

2. Many different designs. While screen printers are very efficient at quickly printing with minimal setup; if you have to print multiple designs it’s less efficient as you have to set up each design separately.

3. Small orders. If you’re only printing a small number of t-shirts or other items, digital printing is more economical.

How Screen Printing Can Benefit Your Business

Screen printed shirts and other promotional items can boost your business in a number of ways.

1. Provide your employees with branded t-shirts. Custom branded screen printed shirts and other branded items let everyone see your business name publicly displayed. This is especially effective for brick-and-mortar businesses where employees deal directly with customers.

2. Give gifts or bonuses to customers. Giving branded products to customers helps build goodwill while also spreading the word about your business. You can give away items at openings and other promotional events, in raffles or contests, as lead magnets, or as bonuses with purchases.

3. Give products away at trade shows and industry events. Giving away quality items helps to attract traffic to your booth or stall. Even those who take your gifts without becoming customers will be helping to boost your visibility.

4. Long-term visibility. Most marketing campaigns are limited to a brief time when people see an ad or promotion. With branded products, people can see your business name, logo or tagline for years.

Tips For Screen Printed Promotional Products

Promotional products, whether screen printed or created using another technology, can be an important marketing tool for any business. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when creating such products.

1. Know your audience. Create products that are in line with their interests. For items such as t-shirts and mugs, search for phrases that are trending or that speak to your customers’ preferences.

2. Find the right printing method for each campaign. Depending on what type of product you’re creating, the type of material you’re printing on, and the number of orders, you may want to use different methods for each campaign.

3. Consider the longevity of a product. You may want to create products for specific events or trends. However, to get the lasting benefits of promotional items, it’s good to have evergreen themes that will still be relevant a month or year from now.

4. Decide how you want to create promotional products. You can purchase equipment such as a screen printer, DTG printer, or another device so you can make products as you need them. However, many businesses find it simpler to outsource from a company that creates quality promotional products at reasonable prices.